Delivered over for Death

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  • Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017
  • Speaker: Matthew Breeden
  • Series: That You May Believe
  • Category: John
  • Scripture: John 19:1–19:16

As we move from John 18 to 19 the scene remains the same. It’s a night in which Jesus is going from court to court, from official to official. The Jewish leaders are eager to find someone who will convict Jesus and punish Him.

As we consider this wild night the question could be asked, who was responsible for sending Jesus to the cross? Considering all who are involved it’s a big question and the answer is not simple. It’s a question that is best answered in two parts: Jesus was sent to the cross by to both the actions of wicked men and the sovereign will and plan of God (Acts 3:13-15; 2:22-24).

Passage Summary: This is a story of how God used the intentions of wicked men and their sinful choices to accomplish His plan of salvation, so that other wicked men, namely you and I, can be saved.