A World of Trouble and the God Who Overcomes

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  • Date: Sunday, October 8, 2017
  • Speaker: Matthew Breeden
  • Series: That You May Believe
  • Category: John
  • Scripture: John 16:25–16:33

Have you ever found there to be a difference between what you say you believe about difficult times and how you respond when life gets hard? The reality is often it is difficult to take what we say we believe and apply it to life when the pressure is on.

As we have followed this conversation over the last three chapters there has been one overarching goal – Jesus wants His disciples to be able respond with hope and faith in the midst of difficulty (John 14:1; 16:33)

This passage is a reminder of the hope and peace that we have in Jesus, but it is also a reminder of how hard it can be to live out our faith in the midst of difficult times.